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Download ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign Free Web Apps VIEW
ActiveCampaign take all the aspects of email marketing and combines them into an easy-to-use platform. With ActiveCampaign you can seamlessly create engaging emails, push them to your subscribers, and see the reactions and interactions occurring in real time. .... View More
Download Aircall Aircall Free Web Apps VIEW
High quality phone support is a superb way to help small businesses improve customer relationships. Aircall has developed a solution that enables SMBs to be closer to their customers, regardless of their physical location, by using local phone numbers. .... View More
Download amoCRM amoCRM Free Web Apps VIEW
amoCRM is not a simple, traditional customer relationship management service. It is far more than that. amoCRM is a sales management platform that can both eliminate lost leads and also increase sales conversions. It provides an intuitive, cloud-based solution .... View More
Download AnswerHub AnswerHub Free Web Apps VIEW
AnswerHub is an enterprise-tier knowledge management platform that has been constructed around a Q&A foundation. It has superb features, such as an advanced knowledge base, and ideation. .... View More
Download Autopilot Autopilot Free Web Apps VIEW
Autopilot is a multi-channel marketing app, which gives businesses a sure foothold in automated marketing, and customer relationship management. Due to solid, cloud based flexible features, Autopilot is suited to all businesses, regardless of size or industry. .... View More
Download AWeber AWeber Free Web Apps VIEW
AWeber is an email marketing platform that provides your business with the means to automate the process of delivering professionally designed and personalized emails and targeted messages to your customers and send scheduled, follow up emails. .... View More
Download BIME BIME Free Web Apps VIEW
Customer data is generated in all kinds of different ways, the trick is to be able to gather that data and make good use of it. BIME, by Zendesk, is a cloud-based solution that is able to collate data and, amongst other things, produce in-depth reports. .... View More
Download Bookafy Bookafy Free Web Apps VIEW
Bookafy is an online appointment scheduling solution that has been specifically designed to help SMBs provide online appointment booking services for their clients, along with scheduling services for their employees. .... View More
Download bpm'online bpm'online Free Web Apps VIEW
Bpm'online is an intelligent solution for business process management. It covers all aspects of customer relationship management, from lead and initial contact through to after sales services and account management. The cloud-based platform is designed to brin .... View More
Download Campaign Monitor Campaign Monitor Free Web Apps VIEW
Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform that lets you design your own personalized messages for your customers. Not only can you create and send customized email messages, it also lets you optimize your campaigns via detailed reports and advanced analy .... View More
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