Microsoft Surface Go review


The Good The Surface Go delivers Microsoft's great Surface design and accessories at a lower price, and in a smaller size.

The Bad The Pentium processor isn't suited for all tasks. A keyboard cover is a must-have add-on, but still sold separately. And you'll probably want to pay extra for more storage and RAM, too.

The Bottom Line The new Microsoft Surface Go is the perfect size for casual coffee-shop computing, but getting the full experience quickly drives up the price.

Yes, the new Surface Go can still run many everyday PC tasks, even with only an Intel Pentium processor. No, it's not likely going to satisfy as your all-day, everyday workhorse computer, both because of the limited horsepower and the small size. Yes, it's significantly less expensive than the bigger Surface Pro, and closer in price to an iPad ($363 at Amazon Marketplace). No, it's not going to save you much at the end of the day, as the must-have keyboard cover and other accessories are still sold separately (and priced on the high side).

The Surface Go starts at a reasonable $399 (£379 or AU$599). But once you add a $99-to-$129 keyboard cover, a $99 stylus and maybe an extra $150 to double the RAM and storage space to mainstream laptop levels (from 4GB/64GB to 8GB/128GB), you're looking at a much bigger investment.

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