Lenovo Flex 11 (2018) review


The Good The 11-inch Lenovo Flex has a compact, sturdy design and enough power and endurance to capably take on basic productivity and entertainment tasks.

The Bad The display is dim and has limited viewing angles. The Celeron processor can only handle so much. The stereo speakers produce tinny, mediocre audio. No stylus included.

The Bottom Line The Lenovo Flex cuts some corners but ultimately delivers as an affordable combination laptop and tablet, if you keep expectations in check.

the 2018 edition of Lenovo's 11-inch Flex convertible gets the job done both as a laptop and tablet -- and at $330 (roughly £250 or AU$450), currently discounted to $263, it's an excellent value.

A caveat: The Flex isn't a great laptop, nor is it a great tablet. But it competently combines the two into a device that works reasonably well in both modes. If you're looking for a dedicated laptopor a dedicated tablet in this price range, there are plenty of better options. If you have a bigger budget and like Lenovo's 360-hinge design, check out the Yoga 920. And then there's the significantly more expensive Microsoft Surface Pro, which remains the gold standard in this category. But if you're looking for a versatile two-in-one that's more portable and less expensive than competitors such as the Acer Spin 3 or Asus NovaGo, the Flex 11 is worth a look. 

Note: Lenovo variously to this laptop as both the Flex 6 11-inch and the Flex 11.

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