Answer Update lets Alexa come back to to you once she's stum....


We've all been there: your boss asks you for a problem and there's no answer for you. The popular answer: I'm going to have to be forced to come back to you on it.


Now, Alexa's learned an equivalent trick.


First noticed by Voicebot, Amazon calls the feature Answer Update, and tells North American nation that it's rolling bent on Alexa users over succeeding week. i used to be able to prefer in to the feature with associate degree Amazon Echo Spot here at the workplace by asking Alexa to "turn on Answer Update."


"OK. If you request from me an issue and that i do not know the solution, however I establish later, i will inform you," she replied.


It does not seem that the feature is totally up and running nevertheless, though. once throwing some queries her method, i used to be able to stump her by asking what time a comic book look in my neighborhood closed tonight.


"Sorry, i am undecided," she said, with no promise of providing a solution later once her info of native businesses expands.


There's conjointly no sign of the feature within the Alexa app's notifications settings, a minimum of not on my device.


Once the feature finishes rolling out and you have opted in, those follow-up notifications can arrive on your Echo device, associate degreed they will work rather like the searching notifications that allow Alexa inform you once an order is out for delivery. the sunshine on your Echo device can pulse and you will hear a notification chime -- raise Alexa what the update is, and she'll allow you to grasp that is she's learned the solution to an issue she antecedently could not account you.