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A VPN, or virtual private network, acts like your own personal tunnel onto the internet, keeping prying eyes and hackers’ hands off your search history, browsing activity and sensitive data. All possible hyperbole aside, it’s safe to say that you should never enter any kind of identifying or financial information into a website or app without the protection that a VPN affords.


But it’s not just the most sensitive stuff you have to worry about. Without using a VPN, even things like your retail shopping activity, or your most basic keyword searches can be tracked and may end up in the wrong hands.

And VPNs aren’t just for security. If you choose the right VPN, it can provide a great way to enhance your online experience – allowing you to boost your internet speed and bypass regional content blocks (so you can still stream your favourite shows while you’re on holiday).

Now that you know you need one, which VPN do you choose?

That all depends on your needs, your budget, and the sensitivity of your internet activity. While there is no “one size fits all” option, Avira Phantom VPN offers three different plans so you can choose the level of security that’s best for you.

Avira Phantom VPN has also gone head-to-head against other highly popular titles in the past and routinely comes out on top as one of the most user friendly, budget friendly, all-encompassing options for securing your internet use.

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