Google Chrome 71.0.3578.98

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Google Chrome 71.0.3578.98

(1.08 MB) Safe & Secure
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Google's changing browser Chrome combines sophisticated technology with a simple user interface to make browsing experience faster, safer and easier. Launched in 2008, within 4 years of its public release, Google Chrome rapidly dominated the browser market to become the most commonly used browser worldwide. The short and consistent development cycle of Google means that the browser continues to compete with the other web browsers available that are most common and advanced.



Perhaps Google's region has spent most of its development time to differentiate itself from other browsers.

Clean, simple UI


The most striking feature of Google Chrome and a significant factor in its popularity–the simple user interface hasn't changed much since the 2008 beta launch. Google focused on cutting down unused storage on the toolbar to improve real estate browsing. The browser consists of 3 lines of components, the top layer stacks automatically changing tabs alongside a simple new tabs icon and the standard controls minimize, open and close windows. The middle row contains 3 navigation controls (Back, Forward & Stop / Refresh), a URL box that also allows Google to search the web directly, and a star bookmarking icon. Icons for plugins and browser settings line up to the right of the URL window. The third row consists of directories and downloaded applications for bookmarks. Today easily overlooked, this clean UI was a breath of fresh air compared to pre-2008 popular browsers ' overcrowded toolbars.




Another highly popular app, Incognito mode allows you to privately search by disabling recording history, eliminating traceable breadcrumbs and deleting tracking cookies when shutdown. Chrome settings also allow you to configure privacy preferences for everyday browsing.




Sandboxing from Chrome stops malware from downloading directly on your device or disrupting other browser tabs. Chrome also has built-in malware and phishing security Safe Browsing software that warns you when you encounter a website suspected of malware / activity. Daily automatic updates have up-to-date and effective security features.




Themes and settings are special to you in your browsing experience. Improve productivity, protection, speed of navigation, almost anything you can think of with Google Chrome Store apps and extensions. Using to download themes created by top artists and design your own. To back up your contacts, interests, history and access all of your Google apps with a single username, sign in with your Google Account.








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