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FlexBooker allows you to easily accept online bookings from your website, driving your business even while you sleep.

Through this application you will be able to accept bookings online within just a few moments of setting it up. You can also easily take online credit card payments for these bookings.

What are the key features?
Essentially FlexBooker, which can be set up in minutes, takes web and mobile reservations as well as online payments. It can even track wait lists and send auto-reminders, as well as a whole host of further customisation.

Works on any device
Your customers will also be able to make reservations at home and on the go as it works on any device. FlexBooker will even send custom email and text message reminders to clients in order that they do not forget an appointment.

If your schedule is full then, thanks to FlexBooker, your clients will be able to place themselves on a fully automated wait list for a session.

Fully customised
FlexBooker also offers you the opportunity to fully customise your experience thanks to a number of advanced settings. For example, you will be able to change booking form colours, book constrains and a plethora of other advanced settings.

FlexBooker uses incredibly simple pricing and offers a fully functioning 30-day free trial to get you started. Prices are based on the number of employees that will be using the system, with discounts applied for a higher volume of users. A single employee costs $29 per month, 2-5 employees cost $49 per month, and 5-10 employees cost $79/month. For 11+ employees and API, it will cost you $89 per month plus $49 per every 1k bookings.

Bottom Line

Overall, FlexBooker will allow you to organise your appointments without hardly any hassle. It will coordinate your working day while you enjoy free time or take on other tasks.

Scores of clients have already left top testimonials, with one hailing it as ‘the best appointment software’ around.

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