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Falcon.io offers a platform for social media marketing and customer experience management. It features analytics and audience management data, along with tools for engagement, social listening, and content marketing.

With Falcon.io marketing teams are able to deliver more personalized brand experiences across touch points that are solidly based on enriched customer profiles. Falcon.io features a highly intuitive and collaborative interface that is easy to work from. This is nicely complemented by comprehensive support and consultancy services.

Collaboration Tools
Falcon.io allows marketing teams working in a variety of places, whether that be HQ, local marketing groups or dealerships, to collaborate together and ensure a consistent brand presence across various social media types. Falcon.io incorporates total functionality for social marketing and still remains simple to use with a visualisation-based user experience that is both engaging and comprehensive.

Falcon.io integrates with Google Analytics, Zendesk, Facebook Ads Manager. It also offers an API.

Falcon.io uses a subscription pricing model with a free trial available (no credit card required). As far as pricing structure is concerned, Falcon.io offers two, tailored service plans, Pro and Premium, which are individually designed to suit company size and social media needs. Both offer varying services and support levels.

Bottom Line
Falcon.io is ideally suited to medium-sized and enterprise companies across a broad range of industries. With Falcon.io users have the tools and capabilities that will enable them to listen to their consumers and target audiences, and effectively engage customers in a variety of ways.

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