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F-Secure Client Security Standard

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F-Secure Client Security Standard is an effective security solution that continually protects your Windows desktop or laptop against security threats. It offers impenetrable protection against all online threats with minimal impact on your system performance.

F-Secure Client Security Standard has lots of protection features including antivirus and anti-malware, browsing protection, advanced firewall, botnet blocker and automatic patch management, all managed centrally from the F-Secure security cloud. It is compatible with Windows, Windows Server, Mac OS, and Virtual Environments.

Automatic Protection
F-Secure Client Security Standard handles security attacks automatically, with integrated antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware, rootkit scanning and behaviour monitoring. It works with all browsers to improve browsing protection and shows you which websites are safe to enter, automatically blocking harmful sites so you can browse safely.

Advanced Security
F-Secure Client Security Standard consistently ranks highly in independent tests, offering much more than standard anti-malware products. It offers advanced protection elements including threat intelligence, behavioural analysis and proactive protection against all the latest threats. F-Secure Client Security Standard uses award-winning, multi-layered security to keep your laptop or desktop safe from malicious software, with minimal impact on your system performance.

F-Secure Client Security Standard offers a 30-day free trial, though it can only be purchased through a re-seller. Licenses can be purchased for 1, 2 or 3 years, and prices vary depending on the number of users required and the re-seller used.

Bottom Line
Overall, F-Secure Client Security Standard offers good protection for a reasonable price. If you need more, the Premium edition adds some useful additional features such as the software updater that scans for missing patches to automatically enhance your security.

In comparison to similar software, F-Secure Client Security Standard has lots of features, good detection rates and is highly rated by testing labs. However, F-Secure's engine has a high rate of false positives, which means it is more likely than others to flag legitimate software as malicious. It's also worth noting that it protects laptops and desktops only, with no mobile support.

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