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Dialpad is designed to ‘get your business talking’. Essentially it is a platform that hosts voice, messages, video and even meetings across your existing devices – connecting your team within an instant.

This business phone system sets out to improve conversations and is commended on three main points; usability, reliability and affordability. You will be able to instantly take calls and messages whether you’re using a laptop, mobile or even a desk phone.

The Web App has been built by the same team behind Google Voice and takes the latest tech from Google to deliver this reliable and robust option. Moreover, with no hardware to purchase or maintain, Dialpad takes away the need for an IT closet and other outdated tech.

Who is using Dialpad?
Dialpad has been chosen by more than 50,000 of the ‘most innovation companies’ in the world, including Xero, Reddit, Stripe, Wework, Quara, Ted and Asana. Mike Bongardino, an IT Manager at fellow subscriber Betterment, says that Dialpad has saved their business “an incredible 60 per cent” on annual telephony costs.

The best features
This business phone system allows you to unify all of your communications in a simple way. It will allow you to make HD quality video and audio calls, as well as helping you stay in touch instantly through IM, SMS or MMS messaging. You can also implement this application with ease, making the administration straight forward – from adding users and creating departments to setting up desk phones in minutes not months. It will also help you wave goodbye to rising IT costs and also keep your data safe.

Dialpad’s small business pricing currently ranges on its Standard and Pro options. To purchase the Standard option you will pay $15 per user per month if you opt for yearly billing, or $20 per user per month if you opt for monthly. This will cover one office of up to three departments and up to 100 users. Meanwhile if you opt for the Pro package it will cover up to 10 office, 25 departments and offers a range of added features, with a three user minimum. This will cost $30 per user per month if you pay monthly, or $25 per user/ month for yearly billing.

Bottom Line
Dialpad will essentially be able to better connect your workforce and allow you to have more effective conversations. For a reasonable price it will allow businesses to make the most of voice, video and other messaging technology to revolutionise productivity. Dialpad has been backed by several thousands of businesses, and it’s easy to see why, especially as it saves on rising IT costs and equipment.

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