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By cnstruction - 100 Safe - Free is a free document management web application for the construction industry. It can be used for document control, project management, construction and field management.

With you can add a password to each individual document to keep your information protected and ensure each document can only be accessed by who you choose to share passwords with. You can also add multiple attachments to each document type, so it's easy to add reference images or extra information.

Document Management is designed to manage construction documents, and includes separate sections for construction drawings, requests for information, project submissions and punch lists. You can upload multiple drawings at once and organise them by folders to keep sets of drawings together. Requests for information (RFIs) can be easily recorded and include optional fields to provide detailed information about each case. RFIs can be identified by priority level, impact to the cost or schedule of the project, and by an open or closed status.

Project Organisation
It's easy to organise your construction projects with, and you can add a job logo to easily identify projects. You can set alerts for different email addresses to update the relevant people when changed have been made to different document types to keep your staff up to date with project changes.

Pricing is completely free to use and can be accessed from any browser on any device.

Bottom Line
Overall, is a simple document management solution for the construction industry.

In comparison to similar software, is free, so it won't incur any costs. However, this does mean that it is quite basic and lacks advanced features found in paid applications. One setback is the inability to delete files once they've been added. does include a temp directory from which documents can be deleted, though once they've been added to the project documents it's final. It is good for small construction firms to keep track of all their documents associated with a project and to keep them in one place for easy reference at any time.

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