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BullGuard have announced the launch of a free online tool for consumers that is able to reveal any IoT device they may have on their network, which maybe vulnerable to being hacked.

Bullguard IoT Scanner utilizes a search engine called Shodan. Rather than locating webpages Shodan has been specifically designed to locate devices that are publicly accessible on the Internet, which may be vulnerable to hackers. Basically, Shodan is a search engine for the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things
What is Internet of Things? The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects, such as smart TVs, security cameras and smart lighting, and other household technology that are connected to the Internet.

Internet of Things Scanner
BullGuard's IoT Scanner checks if your Internet-connected devices on your home network are viewed as public on Shodan. If they do show up, it means they are accessible to the public, and therefore to malicious hackers.

BullGuard's IoT Scanner is completely free to use for all consumers.

Bottom Line
BullGuard's IoT Scanner is a great way for anyone to scan their network to highlight any potential problems or security issues. As the scanner uses data from the first purpose built search engine for IoT connected devices, Shodan.io, it presents the results in a simple, logical way that can be understood by all.

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