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Base CRM is a cloud-based sales and contact management solution, which enables sales teams to become more effective, productive and therefore close more deals. It uses integrated sales productivity tools for sales reps and advanced visual reporting for sales managers.

The platform uses an intuitive and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, which affords sales professionals full visibility into intricacies of their sales pipelines, in order to create, track and manage achievable goals for individual reps and sales teams.

Base Workflow Automation
Employing workflow automations produces numerous benefits, including reducing employee errors, empowering employees to manage tasks with minimal supervision, and being able to complete more tasks, more efficiently.

With Base CRM, the user can call directly from the web app, where the calls are automatically logged for future reviewing. This data is then included for reports, in order to measure both individual and team performance.

Base Mobility
As more sales professionals are relying on their smartphones and tablet devices to work with whilst away from the office, the need for a feature rich mobile CRM is ever more in demand, and Base CRM provides such a service.*

Base CRM has an integrated mobile map feature, called Base Geolocation, which allows users to see where contacts, leads and deals are on a geographical map. This allows users to schedule more efficient and less time-consuming customer visits, and calculate if additional sales reps need to be assigned to a specific area. The app also comes with handy one-touch driving directions to make it easier to schedule business trips.

*Base CRM has native apps available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android powered devices.

Base CRM has native integrations with apps and services such as Dropbox, Facebook, Google Apps, Harvest, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Outlook, Quote Roller, and Xero. There is also an open API client, which is able to integrate with any third-party app.

Base CRM uses a subscription pricing model, with plans starting from $25.00 per seat, per month for the Starter plan, rising to $125 per seat, per month for the Enterprise plan. There is a free 14-day trial available (no credit card required). The Start plan includes premium integrations, email automation, native mobile apps, geolocation, Base Voice, and call recording. The Professional plan offers all Starter features plus document repository, task automation, sales forecasting, and advanced sales insights. Finally, the Enterprise plan has all the Professional features, plus additions such as call analytics and reporting, phone auto dialer, call scripts, teams and user-based permissions, and lead and deal scoring.

Bottom Line
Base CRM is a multifunctional account management and sales productivity tool that offers a sturdy cloud-based CRM solution that encompasses a whole catalogue of features, including contact and lead management, sales tracking and reporting, pipeline analysis, email and workflow automation, sales performance analysis, sales goals creation, advanced sales insights, and data management. With an intuitive and user friendly interface, mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and an array of integrations with sought-after apps and services, you can see why numerous organizations use Base CRM.

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