AVG AntiVirus FREE 19.1.3075

(256.27 KB) Safe & Secure

AVG AntiVirus FREE 19.1.3075

(256.27 KB) Safe & Secure
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By AVG Technologies - 100 Safe - Freeware

AVG AntiVirus FREE is the brand new service from AVG to ensure digital security and safety. It is strong, rich in features, and has a fresh-looking newly designed interface.


AVG AntiVirus FREE is once more an antivirus powerhouse. This critical security suite can secure your computer while you search online or check your email against viruses, worms, trojans, root kits and other spyware.


AVG AntiVirus FREE is designed for those who want the best possible protection without the expense or complexities of more advanced tools on the market.


With a solid set of privacy features, AVG AntiVirus FREE will block infected links when surfing, review files before uploading them, and help protect your personal data online and on your Computer.


Key features include:


Real-time security helps keep your computer safe from malware, including viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, and trojans. This uses advanced AI and analytical tools in real-time to prevent risks from ever reaching you.

Web and Email Protection: Block any attachments to insecure websites, downloads and email.


AVG AntiVirus FREE has an intuitive original, clean design. Though, as this is included in the more sophisticated package, AVG Internet Security – Unlimited, it does not come with a powerful firewall.


The great thing about AVG AntiVirus FREE is that whenever the package faces an unknown threat, AVG analyzes it instantly, produces a cure and then sends it out to millions of users, so that everyone is better protected. All security updates are automatically sent to you to keep you as up-to-date as possible, along with any new features.


Overall, AVG AntiVirus FREE has a low impact on system resources, an intuitive feel, and a streamlined interface makes it easy to use. It, combined with free online support and a powerful threat detection tool based on the internet, makes AVG AntiVirus FREE a good overall security suite for installation on your device. You can't go far wrong with AVG AntiVirus FREE if you're looking for a basic antivirus that packs a powerful punch and won't slow down your system.



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