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The AppsForOps suite has numerous features, which can manage various aspects of daily businesses tasks. It features tools and services that cover time off management, travel request processing and more. The platform also provides an Intranet that includes a staff directory, business dashboards, shared calendars, and apps for task management, opinion polls, and sharing company news.

AppsForOps Expense Claim is the expense management component of the AppsForOps suite. It is ideally suited to SMBs that don't have a large accounting team, as the app allows any employee to digitally submit, track and get their expenses reimbursed directly.

It allows for customizable levels of approval, digital receipt storage, and full reporting. AppsForOps Expense Claim streamlines processes involving expense claims. This accelerates the reimbursement process, meaning employees who use their personal money for work expenses can be sure that they will be reimbursed quickly and accurately.

With AppsForOps Expense Claim, employees can easily capture and submit expenses as they are incurred, via a mobile device, tablet, or desktop PC. The module simplifies the process of capturing and submitting receipts, and tracking expenses, ensuring a rapid turnaround for both the employee and the employer.

AppsForOps Expense Claim supports a series of services from a variety of different businesses, including Xero, and MYOB. It supports Linux, Mac, Windows, Web, and has an API available as well.

AppsForOps Expense Claim uses a subscription based pricing model, with plans starting from $5.00 per month (no credit card required). As AppsForOps is not a single service, rather a suite of apps, users are able to choose to run one app or run them all. AppsForOps has two main components of the platform: Core Apps and Add-On Apps. Core Apps include the Platform and Digital Workplace components. AppsForOps Expense Claim is classed as an Add-On App, therefore pricing is dependant on how many Add-On Apps are chosen to use on top of the Core Apps. Core Apps are 5 credits per user, per month.? Add-on Apps are 5 credits per user, per app, per month.

Bottom Line
Overall, AppsForOps Expense Claim is a great way for employees to digitally submit, track and get their expenses reimbursed. It is available as a web service or form a mobile device. Any receipts produced can be stored digitally in the cloud. The platform supports both domestic and international currency calculations and has full reporting capabilities.

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