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AnswerHub is an enterprise-tier knowledge management platform that has been constructed around a Q&A foundation. It has superb features, such as an advanced knowledge base, and ideation.

AnswerHub is a really good solution for gaining and sharing knowledge, as it allows users to do so in a variety of ways, namely utilizing Q&A, ideas, and knowledge base articles.

AnswerHub also has advanced features such as in-depth user management, moderation, access control, and role-based permissions that give administrators all of the tools that they require to manage the content, and by extension, users in a successful manner.

AnswerHub's platform is also highly customizable, with various themes and plugins available, which allow it to be tweaked to suit the needs and requirements of the business.

Integrations with popular tools and services such as Confluence, SharePoint, Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot and SSO, make it easy to gather knowledge from all over your organization and centralise it under one roof.

AnswerHub uses a subscription pricing model which starts at $500.00 per month. The pricing structure is based upon user count for a private site or if it is a public site then it is based upon a page-view count. There is a free trial available for those who want to test the product before committing to a longer contract.

Bottom Line 
AnswerHub is a great solution that covers all the bases. You can cut support costs and also greatly improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to locate answers to their questions in an efficient way 24/7. AnswerHub also utilizes advanced search facilities, it has a community edited knowledge base, and a Multimedia supported rich text editor. These tools, coupled with email integration and expert identification and question routing, makes AnswerHub a top knowledge management platform.

With successful companies using AnswerHub for customer support, social learning and collaboration, it is no wonder firms such as Epic Games, LinkedIn, eBay, Unity, and Thompson Reuters all use this robust knowledge management platform.

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