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actiPLANS is a great piece of business software that streamlines your absence management. It allows you to manage employee leave requests more effectively, get the full picture of human resources, and keep on top of paid time off balances and accruals.

actiPLANS gives you a useful calendar view of your team's requested and approved absences that helps you to plan and distribute your workload more efficiently and avoid any potential clashes in schedules. Reporting features include a leave time and balances report with a detailed insight into your team's absences and a calendar of leave history so you can easily identify trends.

Leave Request Management
actiPLANS makes it easy to manage employee leave requests. Your employees can simply choose their dates and the type of leave they wish to take, and click submit. An instant email notification will be sent to the user in charge of approving requests, and they'll have a chance to approve, modify or reject the request. An automatic notification will be sent back to the user when any changes have been made to their request.

Automate Paid Time Off Accrual
With actiPLANS you can create a variety of accrual rules to cover every employee and adhere to leave policies and regulations. In addition to setting automatic accrual rules, you can manually modify balances where needed, and keep track of any changes. actiPLANS also allows you to set up an additional balance for sick days to help you further reduce unscheduled absences.

actiPLANS pricing is based on the number of users required and the payment period chosen. It is free to use for teams of 5 or less, and discounts are applied for a higher number of users and choosing a longer payment period. To find your price, simply visit the actiPLANS website using the button above, choose from 5 to an unlimited number of users, and choose a payment period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 month intervals.

Bottom Line
Overall, actiPLANS is a great tool to help your business streamline its absence management. It includes a number of capabilities to manage leave requests, paid time off and accrual policies. It also includes a number of useful reporting capabilities. actiPLANS is designed to work with the actiTIME time-tracking tool to give you a complete, powerful feature-rich tool to satisfy all your absence management needs.

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